Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Stars and flowers

These are old ones. Made these two before my baby daughter was born about a year ago.

Eli tässä on vanhoja töitä; fleecehaalari ja pikkupeitto tähtifleecestä ja kukkapuuvillasta. Nämä valmistui noin vuosi sitten, ennen tyttären syntymää ja peitto on edelleen rattaissa aina mukana, haalari on jo käynyt pieneksi. Tähtifleecet ostettu joitakin vuosia sitten Jättirätistä ja jo aiemmin siskontytön mekoissa vilahtanut kukka-kangas on muistaakseni Eurokankaan palalaareista.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Pink for baby buggy

These wooden pearls I bought from Helmikauppa Blingi and made this decoration for our baby buggy
The pink pearls are catching the babys eyes while mom likes the black and white combination.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Baby blue

This little baby blue package was sent for my cousin who gave birth to a baby boy in May. The socks are nothing to write about, I've had them ready for ages. But the blanket was a fun project since I haven't done much crocheting and in this blanket I learned two new techniques. My cousin seemed happy about the blanket since they didn't have any blanket at that time and I was happy to surprise them with such a self-made work.


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

For mom and daughter

It's been a while since I've updated the blogs. There's been quite a good reason because I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was named Julia Melinda.

Even though my blogs have been quiet, I haven't had practically any rest. First two months our daughter woke up several times a night. third and fourth month she slept through the nights pretty well, from 6-7 hours a night but now she wakes again once or twice a night in the age of 5 months. Days have been busy taking care of her and the new appartment and when I've finally gotten some me-time I've spent most of it sewing.

These beanies were ready before our daughter was born and I've used mine very much. Her beanie has been also well used but it's getting too small for her already. I ordered the fabric from Käpynen.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


I got tired of sitting on the floor all the time. And why am i sitting on the floor? Because my spouse and his cat have conquered the couch. I found this idea of diy elegant beanbag  from Less is Yes -blog. Mine is a bit bigger though. My original idea was to use a fabric suitable for balcony as well but since we'll get so little sun to our balcony during the days.. and then I stumbled to this awesome fabric at Eurokangas.. I was sold.
It is pretty much perfect. You can either sit in it in an upright position or you can take a more comfortable lying position. I was a bit worried about how the cat will react to it but the cat likes it as well. It usually steals my place in it during the evenings when sleeping time is closing. And even my spouse likes to lie on it occationally and ease his back.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Too short sleeves

So.. I've been tired and lazy and blog updates have been waiting to happen. But now I'm ready again to publish a few oldies that you might have seen in instagram already. Being pregnant and all, I was forced to buy a new jacket. The target jacket was supposed to be cheap enough, neat enough and it is supposed to fit me through the rest of my pregnancy. I found that kind of jacket over a month ago but after having it a while I came to conclusion that the sleeves on it were too short. Luckily I got an easy idea from my other wnter jacket. And so I desided to continue the sleeves with knitting. And when I was searching suitable yarn from Lankamaailma I noticed they had this reflex yarn and the idea evolved to an even better idea. Now I don't need separate reflex with that jacket since I have them knitted to my sleeves. Yay!!

Monday, 11 January 2016



 Made this dress a while ago, in November. I had a Turku Filharmonic orchestra concert I was going to see and I felt that I needed something new. I had bought this jersey already before and it seemed suitable for this purpose. It became pretty much perfect, the stripes are almost perfectly in line in the seams. The only thing I'm still thinking that maybe I'll do the hem over, I'm not quite satisfied with how it turned out to be.